[aspectc-user] AspectC++-Request: Debian GNU/Linux for PowerPC

Andreas Gal gal at cs.fau.de
Wed Nov 13 22:01:32 CET 2002

Hi Fabien,

currently we do not have access to PowerPC hardware to compile Linux PPC 
or MacOS X binaries. However, we are working on a source code release of
aspectc++, which will allow you to compile the binaries yourself. Both,
the binary release and the soon to be released source code can be used
free of charge for non-commercial or evaluation purposes. For 
commercial use licenses are available from pure-systems


On 13 Nov 2002, Fabien NiƱoles wrote:

> Could I have an aspect C++ compiler for PowerPC (Debian GNU/Linux
> platform)?  I would like to study it in a research on aspect
> programming.  BTW, do you plan to license it one day?
> Thanks for the informations,
> Fabien Ninoles

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