[aspectc-user] __declspec issues

Matthias Urban matthias.urban at pure-systems.com
Tue Aug 24 15:01:30 CEST 2004

Hi John,

> Hi again,
> OK, I've got the gist of what's going wrong but losing the plot as to how
> to fix it.
> I've currently got the following options (on the command line) ->
> -D_WIN32
> -DWIN32
> -D__cplusplus
> -I%compilerincludedir%
> -v9
> --problem_local_class
> -A machine(i386)
> -A platform(win32)
> --vc
> NOTE: "-A platform..." is spelt "-A plattform" in the sample conf file
> (issue?)

Thank you for this hint. This is an error and will be fixed as soon as 

> I'm getting the following errors -
> c:/progra~1/micros~2/vc98/include/winnt.h:630: error, Must define a target
> architecture.
> c:/progra~1/micros~2/vc98/include/stdio.h:77: error: `signed' or `unsigned'
> invalid for given type
> c:/progra~1/micros~2/vc98/include/winnt.h:22: error: invalid declaration
> near token `"C"'
>   - Aborting
> Now, I can see these errors but can't work out why it needs me to define a
> target architecture - When I compile my code using MSVC or ant (using MSVC)
> I don't see any flags to indicate target architecture
> This must be another one of my dumb errors - so can you point me in the
> right direction please?
> thankyou,
> John.

MSVC predefines a set of macros without telling the user that these 
macros are actually defined. The list of MSVC specific predefined macros 
can be found at 

In your special case at least the macro _M_IX86 has to be defined.


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