[aspectc-user] Problem parsing CORBA template class.

Toni SOUEID tsoueid at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 22 15:06:37 CEST 2004


I am trying to use AspectC++ to aspectualize some of
the code of a simple distributed application based on
CORBA (RedHat Linux 7.2, omniORB 3.0.5, and AspectC++

I am trying to introduce aspects in my own code and
not at the CORBA ORB level.

To parse my application code, ac++ has to parse a lot
of CORBA header files. With my simple application,
ac++ can't continue to the end, but instead generates
a parsing error which is the following :

error: invalid member declaration near token

the code section pointed to by the error is the
following :

template <class T>
class _CORBA_Unbounded_Sequence : public
_CORBA_Sequence<T> {
  typedef _CORBA_Sequence<T> BaseT ;

It seems to be a very simple usage of templates in C++
and I can't find the reason why ac++ can parse such

If would really appreciate if anyone has an idea about
this error and eventually how to override such code to
make ac++ work ?



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