[aspectc-user] Announcement of AspectC++ 0.8pre2

Olaf Spinczyk Olaf.Spinczyk at informatik.uni-erlangen.de
Tue Mar 9 18:10:22 CET 2004


this is an announcement of the second pre-release of version 0.8 
(0.8pre2). It can be download from www.aspectc.org. Binaries for Linux 
and Win32 as well as the source code (GPL license) are available. 
Binaries for MacOS X and Solaris can be compiled on demand. We also 
updated the manual collection.

The good news for Linux users is:

   ac++ is now able to parse the g++ 3.x header files (including STL)

Here is the usual excerpt from the ChangeLog that describes the 
improvements and fixes of this version:

Version 0.8pre2 (2004-03-09)
         * fixed several parser problems. g++ 3.3 STL headers can now
           be parsed!

         * added the --vc switch to enable Visual C++ parser extensions

         * added support for execution advice for constructors and
	  destructors. Warning: this is experimental!

         * implemented the 'result' pointcut function

         * fixed broken call advice for pure virtual functions

         * fixed problem with strange end of line characters
           under Windows

         * added Windows resources, e.g. an icon

         * AspectC++ and Puma sources don't use strstream.h anymore

         * updated the documentation

Some hints/warnings:

         1. Windows users: if your code contains Visual C++ specific
            language extensions, make sure that you have --vc in your
            config file.
         2. Linux users: 2.9x header files have to be parsed with
            --gnu-2.95 while 3.x header files require --gnu. Maybe you
            have to adapt your config files. New config files will be
            automatically generated correctly with pumag++conf.pl.

For the next release (probably 0.8) we intend to provide better support 
for Windows users (especially cygwin) and further parser improvements.

Please continue to help us improve the ac++ implementation by entering
bug reports at http://www.aspectc.org/bugzilla or simply asking
questions on this mailing list.

Best regards,

Olaf Spinczyk
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