[aspectc-user] How to compile AspectC++

Matthias Urban matthias.urban at pure-systems.com
Fri Mar 26 14:57:43 CET 2004


there is a README in the AspectC++ source tree you should read. For now
it not possible to compile AspectC++ on Windows because there are some
name conflicts between Puma classes and global structures in
<windows.h>. But it is planned to put the Puma stuff into an own
namespace and to provide a MS Visual Studio project file. We hope to
manage this until the next website update.


Thiago A. CorrĂȘa wrote:
> Hi.
>    I was wondering if anyone knows how to build my own ac++.exe from the
> sources found in the website. There is no project file for windows or
> anything.... acctually there is no docs even for linux builds as far as I
> can tell, and the last time I tried ( with the 0.7x ) I got a ton of link
> errors.
> Best Regards,
>     Thiago A. CorrĂȘa
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