[aspectc-user] CFP GI/ITG Workshop: Non-Functional Properties of Embedded Systems (MMB 2006)

Daniel Lohmann lohmann at informatik.uni-erlangen.de
Wed Dec 7 11:03:11 CET 2005

* GI/ITG Workshop: Non-Functional Properties                    *
*                  of Embedded Systems                          *
*                                                               *
*                  Call for papers                              *
*                                                               *
* Sattelite event of MMB 2006:                                  *
*                                                               *
* 13th GI/ITG Conference on Measurement, Modeling,              *
* and Evaluation of Computer and Communication Systems          *
*                                                               *
* March 27–29, 2006, Nuremberg, Germany                         *
* http://www.mmb2006.org/                                       *
*                                                               *

PDF version of this CfP:

The GI/ITG Conference on Measurement, Modeling and Evaluation of
Computer and Communication Systems (MMB) is the premier
conference in Germany covering all aspects of performance
evaluation issues. Since 1981 it has been a major forum to
present and discuss the major advances, trends, and concerns in
that field. In the context of MMB 2006 we also solicit papers in
the scope of the topics addressed by the Workshop on
Non-Functional Properties of Embedded Systems. Non-functional
properties are of fundamental relevance for realtime embedded
systems software and imply a number of design decisions. Typical
cases are, e.g,synchronization, protection, isolation, sharing,
interaction, energy, timeliness, and dependability. As
cross-cutting concerns of the entire software system,
non-functional properties may have serious drawbacks on software
maintenance in general and component reuse in particular. Current
research focuses on how to express, model, unitize, and enforce
non-functional properties and to keep them logically separated
from the (functional) component code.
The purpose of the workshop is to bring together practitioners,
researchers, academics, and students who work on or have made
experiences with non-functional properties of systems software
and to discuss their issues in the context of embedded systems.

TOPICS of the workshop include (but are not limited to):

- non-functional properties of embedded system software,

- relationship between architecture
   and non-functional properties,

- dealing with non-functional properties in
   layered software systems,

- configurability and composition of non-functional properties,

- design and implementation techniques
   for non-functional properties,

- novel approaches to enforce and guarantee
   non-functional properties,

- concepts and ideas for dealing with
   conflicting non-functional requirements,

- pre-estimation techniques of emergent software properties,

- experience reports.


Prospective participants of the workshop are asked to submit a
position paper or experience report (of about 5 pages).
Submission of industry papers is particularly encouraged.
All papers must be written in English and must be sent as email
to os at cs.fau.de in PDF.


Accepted papers will appear in separate
workshop proceedings published by VDE Verlag. Further details
can be found at http://www.mmb2006.org/NFP/cfp.html


- Paper submission: December 15, 2005
- Author notification: January 15, 2006
- Final version: February 15, 2006
- Conference and workshop: March 27–29, 2006

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