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Adriaan de Groot groot at kde.org
Sun Nov 12 17:13:36 CET 2006


Recently Robert Scott has been asking questions on this list about Puma; he's 
sort of my "advance man" in this. We're involved in a european fp6 research 
project that needs to analyze C++ source code. KDE source code, obviously 
from my email address :) We need to analyze both pre-processed and raw 
(before the preprocessor runs) code. I'm having a devil of a time tracking 
things down because the header files don't contain much in the way of 
comments and the documentation PDF is from 2001 since when most things have 
changed. I'm going with Puma as contained in the 1.0pre3 tarball of aspectc++ 
(which doesn't build as is, but Robert had gone down this road already and 
put up some signposts).

Puma *seems* to be the most interesting candidate library for parsing since it 
claims to be able to handle the preprocessor syntax tree as well (unlike, 
say, Elsa which needs pre-processed source). 

Suppose I have source code like this:

#define FOO 1
int i = FOO;

I want to track down uses of FOO. The preprocessor syntax tree won't have the 
int i declaration, while the C++ syntax tree won't have the symbol foo (but 
rather integer symbol 1). How do I do it? [ I can imagine that the answer 
lies at a level below puma, actually: just let lemon chew over it. ]

These are your friends - Adem
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