[aspectc-user] libpuma -- docs, mostly

Stefan Seefeld seefeld at sympatico.ca
Sun Nov 12 17:39:34 CET 2006

Adriaan de Groot wrote:

> Puma *seems* to be the most interesting candidate library for parsing since it 
> claims to be able to handle the preprocessor syntax tree as well (unlike, 
> say, Elsa which needs pre-processed source). 
> Suppose I have source code like this:
> #define FOO 1
> int i = FOO;
> I want to track down uses of FOO. The preprocessor syntax tree won't have the 
> int i declaration, while the C++ syntax tree won't have the symbol foo (but 
> rather integer symbol 1). How do I do it? [ I can imagine that the answer 
> lies at a level below puma, actually: just let lemon chew over it. ]

You may want to have a look at synopsis (http://synopsis.fresco.org), too.
It is a python framework with various (partly C++) modules to preprocess,
parse, and transform, source code written in C, C++, python, and IDL.

It does track the definition and use of macros as well.



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