[aspectc-user] Compound literals in ac++

Arnd-Hendrik Mathias arnd-hendrik.mathias at nefkom.net
Wed Mar 19 20:58:39 CET 2008

thanks Matthias for your quick reply. I just faced another problem 
again, I've already had before. Trying to build ac++ from the woven 
sources. I found out, that
1. Aspectc++ can build after a few modifications up to the point where 
it tries to link to Puma (by nature)
2. Puma depends on ag++ which again depends on ... guess what ;°)
seems that the woven sources are not completely woven (at least Puma), 
are they?


Matthias Urban wrote:
> Hi,
>> I just tried o weave my code with ac++ and faced some problems: It 
>> appears to me that the ac++ parser does not accept compound literals. 
>> Has anyone experienced or even tried to weave code with compound 
>> literals, yet, and is there a way to make these work together.
> It seems that parsing compound literals is broken. It's definitely 
> supported by the C/C++ grammar implemented by the ac++ parser. We'll 
> investigate it.
>> Another question that I have is: Is there a way to advice macro calls 
>> from aspects?
> No, not at the moment. Maybe Olaf can tell more about it?
> Best regards,
> Matthias

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