[aspectc-user] Compound literals in ac++

Matthias Urban matthias.urban at pure-systems.com
Wed Mar 19 20:51:59 CET 2008


> thanks Matthias for your quick reply. I just faced another problem 
> again, I've already had before. Trying to build ac++ from the woven 
> sources. I found out, that
> 1. Aspectc++ can build after a few modifications up to the point where 
> it tries to link to Puma (by nature)
> 2. Puma depends on ag++ which again depends on ... guess what ;°)
> seems that the woven sources are not completely woven (at least Puma), 
> are they?

Several extensions for the Puma parsers are implemented in AspectC++. If 
these extensions are not needed, then Puma can be compiled without ac++. 
Otherwise you have to install an ac++ (and ag++ for generating the 
parser config file for the weaving step).

To skip the weaving step we provide the woven sources package on 
aspectc.org. These sources are completely woven (according to the 
choosen extensions) and can be compiled with "make compile" without the 
need of an installed ac++ (and ag++).

Best regards,

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