[aspectc-user] non-inline introduction

Arnd-Hendrik Mathias arnd-hendrik.mathias at nefkom.net
Wed Mar 26 12:52:57 CET 2008

Hi Panu,
great, this works perfectly well. Thanks a lot!!! Still one (very small) 
"problem": Even if I add preprocessor statements to avoid double 
inclusion I still get one warning "can't include 'devices.ah' to avoid 
include cycle". I still don't include devices.ah anywhere. Do you have 
an idea how to remove this?
> A constructor can not be virtual -- it does not make sense.
Generally not for simple C++, but in this case (note that aspects cannot 
inherit from non-virtual classes and I must define an unnecessary 
constructor to help ac++ placing the static member).

   However, I've still got one question to a completely different 
subject: Is anyone experienced in installing the Pure::variants plugin 
for eclipse? I tried hard to install it after the ACDT plugin. Finding 
out the dependencies to  other components like EMF etc. I digged deeper 
and deeper into the install process, 'til I ran out unable to find some 
special version of some modules moved from emf to some other 
..........blahblahblah. Does anyone know a document describing how to 
find the versions of the plugins and modules and describing the most 
straightforward install process?

Anyway, again thank you very much for your help and greetings


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