[aspectc-user] non-inline introduction

Panu Bloigu panu.bloigu at gmail.com
Wed Mar 26 13:09:41 CET 2008


Arnd-Hendrik Mathias wrote:
> Hi Panu,
> great, this works perfectly well. Thanks a lot!!! 

Still, instead of defining an empty constructor, I'd consider Daniel's 
solution. I didn't come to think of that and presented the constructor 
solution as a quick fix. If find the solution Daniel described more 
elegant (though can't come up with any way by which adding a default 
ctor would cause any harm).

Still one (very small)
> "problem": Even if I add preprocessor statements to avoid double 
> inclusion I still get one warning "can't include 'devices.ah' to avoid 
> include cycle". I still don't include devices.ah anywhere. Do you have 
> an idea how to remove this?

I've never seen that before. Are you using the SVN version of AspectC++? 
Maybe the AspectC++ developers on this list can help you with that.

> (note that aspects cannot 
> inherit from non-virtual classes 

I did not know that. Where did you find this information? And what 
exactly you mean by virtual class? A class that has polymorphic (i.e. 
virtual) methods or a class that has one or more method with no 
definition (i.e. an abstract class with one or more pure virtual methods)?

Maybe I've missed something while reading up on AspectC++.

-- Panu.

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