[aspectc-user] non-inline introduction

arnd-hendrik.mathias at nefkom.net arnd-hendrik.mathias at nefkom.net
Wed Mar 26 22:33:50 CET 2008


Zitat von Panu Bloigu <panu.bloigu at gmail.com>:

> Still one (very small)
>> "problem": Even if I add preprocessor statements to avoid double   
>> inclusion I still get one warning "can't include 'devices.ah' to   
>> avoid include cycle". I still don't include devices.ah anywhere. Do  
>>  you have an idea how to remove this?
> I've never seen that before. Are you using the SVN version of
> AspectC++? Maybe the AspectC++ developers on this list can help you
> with that.

OK. This seems to be different behavior of different versions of ac++:  
The ac++ 1.0pre3 (Mar 16 2006) doesn't claim anything but 1.0pre4 (Feb  
13 2007) does.

>> (note that aspects cannot inherit from non-virtual classes
> I did not know that. Where did you find this information?

In some of my experiments I faced some error messages of ac++ claiming  
this. I did not really understand this message, but introducing a  
virtual method into the parent class helped in that moment. Meanwhile,  
I cannot reproduce the effect, so sorry for the noise.

Best regards


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