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John Hawkins HAWKINSJ at uk.ibm.com
Thu Aug 19 11:16:28 CEST 2004

That worked thankyou !

John Hawkins

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Hi John,

John Hawkins wrote:
> That's great thankyou
> Got another issue now :-(
>     virtual void setUserName(string& m_sUserName)=0;
> When this line is parsed I get

> lude/axis/server/IMessageData.h:86: error: invalid member declaration
> token
>  `string'
>   - Aborting
> I assume that this means that "string" cannot be found (when I make it
> char* there are no issues) . Correct?If so, then I'm not sure why it's
> found because the header file is included.

Is this the ISO string class? If so, it is defined in the namespace std
and a "using namespace std;" or "std::string" instead of "string" may help.


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