[aspectc-user] Re: invalid declaration near token `dllexport'

Matthias Urban matthias.urban at pure-systems.com
Fri Aug 27 12:01:38 CEST 2004


Ext-Bil.Lewis at nokia.com wrote:
> Matthias,
> Nothing. ?
> (It's weird, because this script worked before the last reboot.)
> -Bil
> \ac\ac++ -e cpp -p ViewManager-ORIG -d ViewManager -IViewManager-ORIG\src -IViewManager-ORIG\inc -v9  -DNDEBUG -D_UNICODE -D__SYMBIAN32__ -D__GCC32__ -D__EPOC32__ -D__MARM__ -D__AVKON_ELAF__ -D__MARM_ARM4__ -D__DLL__  -IViewManager-ORIG\GROUP  -I \Symbian\6.1\Series60\EPOC32\INCLUDE  --gnu    --no_problem_spec_scope -r ViewManager\JoinPoints.xml
> ViewManager-ORIG/src/ViewManagerApplication.cpp:43: error: invalid declaration near token `dllexport'

Very strange. I've tried to reproduce this error message and found 
exactly one case that can cause this error. It comes when 
__attribute__((dllexport)) expands to something like "void 
foo(dllexport)". In fact, using --gnu on the command line of ac++ 
defines the macro __attribute__ to expand to nothing. It seems that 
somewhere in the included headers __attribute__ is redefined.

What you can do is to look for such a #define in the included headers. 
Maybe it is guarded by a special macro you can set to avoid that 
__attribute__ becomes redefined.


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