[aspectc-user] RE: invalid declaration near token `dllexport'

Ext-Bil.Lewis at nokia.com Ext-Bil.Lewis at nokia.com
Fri Aug 27 16:41:55 CEST 2004

> Very strange. I've tried to reproduce this error message and found 
> exactly one case that can cause this error. It comes when 
> __attribute__((dllexport)) expands to something like "void 
> foo(dllexport)". In fact, using --gnu on the command line of ac++ 
> defines the macro __attribute__ to expand to nothing. It seems that 
> somewhere in the included headers __attribute__ is redefined.
> What you can do is to look for such a #define in the included 
> headers. 
> Maybe it is guarded by a special macro you can set to avoid that 
> __attribute__ becomes redefined.


This is what CPP expands it out to. And indeed, I did a search and
found no additional definitions in any .h file.

And it all ran before. (?!)


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