[aspectc-user] Problem with template function declaration

Jens Schedel jens at schedel.org
Fri Jul 2 16:11:22 CEST 2010


i have an problem with the following piece of code:

template<typename T> T stoc(T value);

template<typename T>
    T stoc(T value) {
    return value;

int main () {
    int bla=0xa;
    return stoc(bla);

==Compiler error================================================================
stoc.cpp:10: error: call to function `stoc (int)' is ambiguous
stoc.cpp:4: candidates are: T stoc(T) [with T = int]
stoc.cpp:1:                 T stoc(T) [with T = int]

It looks like the compiler makes no difference between the declaration
and the implementation of template function.
Commenting out the declaration fixes the problem :).


PS: Thanks for the last quick bug fix.
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