[aspectc-user] Boost problems

Abe S. orphrey at gmail.com
Thu Jul 22 17:41:57 CEST 2010

Hi all,

I have a medium-sized project (Over 200 but less than 300 files) which
makes fairly heavy use of Boost for threading, messaging, and
configuration parsing. I am trying to use AspectC to add
interestingness and abstractness metrics to data being processed by
the system. If that works, I'm probably also going to move the logging
over to an aspect.

I've used AspectC on a small sample program, and been very pleased
with the results. However, when I attempt to add a "hello world"
aspect to one of the classes of the existing project, I get a large
variety of error messages, most of which include some reference to
boost header files.

It looks much like the error messages reported in:

I have attempted to work around this by using the --weave_only option
and then compiling the woven source as normal, but the weaving appears
to be the part that fails. Using --real-instances causes a different
initial error, and then the same errors as not using it.

Is there a way to restrict the weaver to only working with a subset of
the source files, so that I can have it ignore anything from the boost

If it's useful (and even if it's not), the full error messages, aspect
header, and source file are in


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